All aboard as Squashbox Theatre Come to town!

The very marvellous Craig from Squashbox Theatre Company kicked off Plays in the Playground in true style with his very brilliant Sea Show.

Armed with Sammy the Sea Squirt, a beautiful mermaid, a naughty seagull and not to forget Brian the Pig, Squashbox Theatre had all the children gripped with their unique blend of pitch-perfect comedy, beautiful music and storytelling, and a host of interactive silliness. The children learnt about keeping safe in the sea, not leaving litter and how to spray your teachers with a Sea Squirt!

edit 3.jpg

As well as performing the show twice at Shepton Mallet Infants School and St Paul’s CEVE Junior School Squashbox Theatre also hosted some brilliant playground interaction with Brian the fruit-friendly pig… Just don’t shout bananas!

edit 2.jpg

After a hesitant start Brian soon commandeered the playground – followed by a trail of children, adults, toddlers and teachers!

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