Giant Jam Sandwiches and Solar Sensations: Bringing some Edinburgh Magic back to Shepton Mallet

This summer we were lucky enough to go up to Edinburgh and scope out some of the most exciting and brilliant kids-theatre around. If you haven’t been to the Fringe before it’s super child-friendly (apart from the long journey!) and the city is teeming with some of the world’s most inventive theatre – both street acts and performances. Here were our top four Children’s shows (in no particular order!)

  1. Our youngest’s favourite: The Giant Jam Sandwich

A rip-roaring musical theatre show by New Perspectives Theatre packed full with brilliant songs, superb acting, an explosive set and high octane interactive fun. Like jam this was super sweet, highly addictive with songs that stick to you for weeks: we loved it!

jam sandwich.jpg

  1. Polar Bears Go Up

Totally charming non-verbal show about two cohabiting polar bears searching for their lost balloon. So inventive, incredibly expressive, charming and funny performances: a touch of Morecombe and Wise, a drop of Pingu and a massive dose of invention and magic.

polar bears

  1. A Heart at Sea

The word mesmerising was made for shows like this. Wonderful music (the CD has been on a loop in our car) totally spellbinding set and puppetry, and a duo of performers absolutely in sync. This magical story of a father and whale who have both lost their off-spring is sure to captivate audiences young and old.


  1. The Star Seekers

The company that absolutely blew us away at the fringe was The Wardrobe Ensemble. As well as their hit show for adults (currently on tour Education, Education, Education – see it if you can!) We also saw The Star Seekers, a completely interactive intergalactic adventure. Absolutely the funniest thing we saw on the fringe and a brilliant opportunity to learn about all things planetary.

And we are hoping… that the very wonderful Wardrobe Ensemble from neighbouring Bristol may rocket themselves down to join us for Plays in the Playground this autumn…watch this space!



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