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“We need more of this – this is what the children need” Teacher

“It has been wonderful watching the children engrossed in the performances. They have enjoyed the wide range of experiences and managed to engage with some sensitive story lines. The performers have been very skilled and presented high quality performances” Teacher

Aims of Plays in the Playground

  • To inspire and encourage a local culture of exploring high quality theatre and performing arts with young people
  • To bring some of the most imaginative theatre for young audiences to Shepton Mallet and surrounding areas
  • To act as a pilot project in gaining data and feedback for establishing bigger theatre projects in the region and working towards securing a permanent arts space in Shepton Mallet


Building Audiences

One of the key aims is growing audiences and fostering a real connection with live work. We will do this through:

  • In-school workshops and performances
  • Interaction in school playgrounds with parents and children
  • Public performances for families and their children
  • Specialist training for teachers

Undoubtedly the crucial distinction in Plays in the Playground is how playground interaction breaks down barriers, disrupts the normal flow of things and generates some excitement – and if you don’t believe us take a look at some of the photos! By placing companies in the Playground not only does the day start with creativity but it engages the whole family in the action.

Through this approach we hope to be able to encourage more local audiences to engage in high quality arts provision and to share the magic of theatre with local families.

In this first phase Plays in the playground will work with students at Bowlish Infants and Shepton Mallet Infant schools (111 and 146 students aged 4-7) and also with St Paul’s School (285 students aged 7-11) – a total of 542 primary school students. Offering a range of nine pop-up playground performances, 13 in-school shows and workshops, and two after school productions for families (as well as drama workshops for teachers)

Companies We’ve Worked With

We’ve been very lucky to work with some truly fantastic companies – bringing the most magical theatre to our town!

To date we have worked with

Paddleboat Theatre Company

The Wardrobe Ensemble



Higher Beings

Ditto Theatre Company